single pitch bolt protected climbs Jordan“Spicy”, first ascent by Wilfried Colonna – Ba’ada, between Dana and Shaubak, Jordan

Approach/access from the Amman-Aqaba highway and the village of Kadessya:
– From the bus shelter at the junction to the descent for Dana village, at the top of Kadessya (km 0.)
– Go down the village of Kadessya southwards, direction Shaubak
km. 8.3 whitish military camp on the right.
Just before, alongside the camp’s fence, follow the track towards the edge of the plateau to the right.
This is how you get around the camp.
! Do not park near the military camp – strictly prohibited !
km. 9.1, go down right on a steep dirttrack.
km. 9.4 park here for cars. With a 4WD, go down to the right for
200m by a stony track towards a formerly wooded esplanade. Park.
195 km from Amman

Altitude : 1230 meters
 : N 30°35’36.2’’ / EO 35°37’59.8’’ –

The cliff, forming a half-circus, is visible to the north. Goat paths lead to it in nearly 20/25 minutes of descent and crossing.

single pitch bolt protected climbs JordanLocation of the climbs in 2019, cliff of Ba’ada near Dana and Shaubak

Approach/access from Petra:
– From Wadi Mousa (Petra), and via Shaubak, drive north on the main road to reach the junction on the left indicating Dana.
– Join the same military camp that is then on the left of the road.
44 km from the “downtown-roundabout” of upper Wadi Mousa (Petra).

Height: from 15 to 60 meters for nearly 1 km of cliff, to the depth of the canyon clearly visible at the very back. Sometimes 2 pitches long routes.
Facing W. In the shade in the morning. For summer & winter.
Conglomerate rock – exotic limestone which “cements” embedded pebbles and flint.
Quite steep and solid on the overall. Large walls, spurs and edges – technical, delicate climbing.
Pockets and clean cut edges, smooth and rounded cobbles of all sizes… Sustained.
Beware of possible unsealed cobbles /pebbles….
Caution – do not rely at all on cobbles/pebbles sealed less than halfway.
Less steep parts are often on more solid rock.
Space at the base. Access from above is not recommended. Nice setting.

single pitch bolt protected climbs JordanCarine Merle, first ascending her route in Ba’ada, Jordan – called “Joyeuse Petroleuse !”

10 mm stainless steel bolts/hangers.
By the guides Wilfried Colonna, Bernard Domenech & Mohammed Hammad in 2006 and 2007, with Carine Merle in 2008.
* Great potential for a lot of climbs, provided that the equipers get seriously involved in cleaning their lines.
Gear: 14 quickdraws max + belay. 70 m rope is required for some routes.
Helmet highly recommended!

Three recommended routes to date:
Little Mohammed: 5b (15 m)
* Joyeuse Petroleuse: P1 (30 m) : 6a+, P2 (18 m) : 6a
** Spicy : P1 (30 m): 6b+, P2 (18 m) : 6a

Other lines exist, but according to the repeaters, more or less well equipped and poorly cleaned…

 single pitch bolt protected climbs JordanBa’ada cliff, between Dana and Shaubak in Jordan, with the mentioned climbs location

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