Climbing Jebel Rum and Bedouin Routes in Jordan
Climbing in the soft sandstones of Wadi Rum has something singular, unique. And always in such a landscape …

Our last alpine-type program – climbing Jebel Rum, off the beaten track, after having done some of the best “Bedouin routes” in the desert. And not to mention the visit to the unique sanctuary of the “rose-red city of Petra”!
It is not only tailor-made for mountaineers, agile on all types of terrain, well trained and eager to live an exceptional adventure. But also the most original, with this complete North-South crossing of Jebel Rum (1734m), the highest summit of Wadi Rum.

It’s an exclusivity – the result of our long-time explorations as guides, experts of the country for more than thirty years.

Technical level: be at ease in the F4c/5a with sustained up and down scrambling.
You should have no problem doing rappels in series.
Upcoming dates – Spring and Fall 2021 and 2022.
Extensions are always possible.

The enormous Jebel Rum mountain (1734 m), seen from the East.

Day by day routing. Variations are possible.
J1 – Arrival in Amman or Aqaba. Hotel overnight.
J2 – Transfert to Wadi Rum. Afternoon hike to discover a canyon connecting two main valleys of the massif – Wadi Rum and Wadi Um Ishrin. Overnight in a bivouac-camp in the desert.
J3 – Ascent and/or crossing of Jebel Khazali, one of the most remarkable peaks in the area. Overnight in a bivouac-camp in the desert. Level is adaptable – F4c in one or two places, otherwise F5b max for the more difficult option, and on a single passage only. Descent – down-climbing and/or rappels.
J4 – Hike and scramble on a more remote peak, near the border with Saudi Arabia. Overnight in a bivouac-camp in the desert. Mostly walking – a rest day in some ways…
And now the grail !
J5 – Crossing Jebel Rum, from North to South. Day one. Bivouac on the mountain.
J6 – Crossing Jebel Rum, day two, on the summit and return to the valley. Overnight in a bivouac-camp in the desert

Climbing Jebel Rum and Bedouin Routes in Jordan
Climbing Jebel Khazali with a Mountain Guide

Climbing level – F4c/5a max for this unique journey, with a lot of F3-4 sections that intersect the long and sustained alpine trip – sometimes impressively exposed! A single abseil is needed for crossing the ‘Great Siq’ which splits the mountain in two blocks… Down walking and scrambling on long distance, with possible short rappels.

J7 – Road transfer for Petra (Wadi Musa) late morning or early afternoon. Overnight in a comfortable camp in Little Petra. It’s a rest day.
J8 – Part visit of Petra – recently elected ‘Wonder of the World’ – hiking from the North. Overnight at the hotel or guesthouse in Wadi Musa, modern town of Petra. Full day hiking.
J9 – Second part of Petra’s visit through the classic and unmissable entrance of the ‘Sicq’.
Road transfer in the afternoon to Amman or Aqaba-Red Sea. Overnight at the hotel. Day hiking.  
J10 – Departure and return to Europe

Top, and South part of Jebel Rum – from the West

Note – this program can easily be enhanced by exotic trek in tropical canyons, without any major difficulty, like the Wadi Hasa over two days.

Prices given in local currency – Jordan Dinars (JOD) – on Aqaba or Amman, airport to airport basis.
These prices do not include the flights.

To get the price in Pounds or €uros – click here
For 2 participants – 1780 JOD per pers.
– 3 participants – 1290 JOD per pers.
– 4 participants – 1170 JOD per pers.
– 5 participants – 1000 JOD per pers.
– 6-10 participants – 930 JOD per pers.

3 to 4 participants per party on the mountain. Each party is led by a professional Mountain Guide, except in Petra where the group will be led by one single local tourist guide.

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In the magnificent scenery that served for the filming of this mythical movie

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