ABU AÏNA – Abu N’khala towers

Abu N'khala Towers-SE Jebel Rum, the topo
Left Tower or Gulab Tower – S.E. Face
El Luchador de Siam (SE) – 180m – 5 pitches – 6a+
Thaï Boxer (E) – 180m – 6 pitches – 5c (TDinf)
Ça colle Anatole (E) – 180m – 6 pitches – 5c

Gulab Tower, Luchador de Siam, the topo
Gulab Tower - Thaï Boxer & Ca colle Anatole, the topos

Right Tower, SE Face
Sabbah’s Number Two (E) – 150m – 5/6 pitches – 5c (Dsup).
In T.Howard’s Guidebook

Lionheart Tower (from Fara’at Um Raïfiq )
– Bedouin Route, The Wolf’s Path (N)*****, +/- 300m – 4b max.
Back the same route, or join itinerary back to Abu Aïna by South Siq, or to the top of Jebel Rum.
The Wolf's path, on Lionheart Tower, the topoThe Wolf's Path sketch, Lionheart Tower, the topo
Courtesy of Wilfried Colonna, from the archives used to write his forthcoming topo;

From 1800 meters above the desert ground to… minus 400 meters below sea level !


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